5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Power Means More for Your Business

Analogue marketing in print has become a real pain on Sunday mornings, when we shake the adverts out our papers. And as for messages on hoardings we ignore them because the information never seems to change. Shoving messages at the market regardless of what it wants has become so yesterday it’s surprising the corporates still do it, despite the expense.

The power of digital marketing lies in its nimbleness, however it’s strange so many people have not come to terms with it. We dedicate this chapter in our marketing journey to ways to optimise this flexibility, so you make more money with your business.

Reason # 1: Digital Marketing is Not Cast in Print.
Let’s say for example a local rugby player has agreed to endorse your product because you sell sports gear. If you print ten thousand flyers for a knock-and drop delivery and they get bad press for cheating, you have to pulp the lot. Now if you were digital on social media you could post your back-up copy there.

Reason # 2: Digital Marketing is Not Time Bound.
Google gives increasing prominence to content mapping across to current news. This is easy to understand: The reputation of authority news sites pulls it up. We can piggy back on this system by adapting marketing copy to what is trending. Sites like Canva make it possible for smart businesspeople to do this on the fly.

Reason # 3: You Get to Market Faster with Digital.
Analog marketing is cumbersome because there is no undo button. Therefore hard copy goes through a number of proofing iterations until it is print ready. If you make a typo on a social media or blog you can edit it out in a flash. In fact if you change your mind completely you can do that too.

Reason # 4: The social media influence 75% of young people.
Marketing Guru Neil Patel says 75% of people in the 18 to 25 age group use recommendations on social sites before purchasing. They are jumping ship from print media because by the time they publish the information is out of date. You have to market digitally if these people are in your audience.

Reason # 5: The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Founder and executive chair of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab says we are on the brink of a world of new technologies that are “fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.” We need to seize this new reality if we want to remain in the global economy.

We could add how else will the buying bots find us in the future but we’ll leave it there for now. Digital marketing is more important for your business than it ever was before, and that’s just the start of an exciting journey.

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