#1 best way to increase your local business sales in 2020

We are all affected differently by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it can be a stressful time.

The news is on 24 hours a day, and with us in some form of lockdown, it is difficult to get away. During this time, you may feel you need to take care of family and close loved ones in addition to running your own small business. You do find time to now go outdoors to the local park for exercise and thankful for your current life despite how life has dramatically now changed.

For some, they see the current environment as a half-cup full opportunity to change their life. In business, this can be the catalyst to pivot and pursue a new offering or renew an existing one.

The following information outlines one way to meet opportunity front on and address your business from a renewed vigour as a result of containment measures for COVID-19.

Challenging business environment for local businesses in Australia

We are living in an unprecedented time where some businesses will struggle to exist and others needing to adapt. We will see more effective marketing strategies to win over loyal customers and more innovative selling models to disrupt previous sales processes. How are you placed to address this changing landscape today and how will you move from the hibernation and post coronavirus?

In short, it will be another challenging year for all SME businesses that do not adapt, so now is the time to enhance your website and address your competition head-on. “Digital Initiatives” is the #1 business priority for ANZ businesses in 2019 ahead of “revenue/business growth” and “customer experience”. (Gartner 2019). Again it looks to be the same for 2020 as the world considers how to spring forward to a new adapted world.

You need to be seen in this Digital World

The simple fact is that in this competitive market, customers need to know who you are. Your web business is the key to make you visible.

We can help you with your business website

The good news is that whatever your web business issue or pain, we are here to help to navigate through this digital world. How can we help you to succeed in business?

  • Do you want more customer leads?
  • Do you want a better conversion on your marketing spend?
  • Do you want to broaden your product portfolio?

If you are an established business and already have a website, choose us at Seeto Digital to carry out an initial complimentary health check of your website to see how it can be improved.

We are offering a free website health-check to give you clarity on where your website stands in this digital world.

Book a time to take advantage of this today. Mention Seeto Digital Website Health-check Introductory Offer.

How we can help local businesses across Australia

At Seeto Digital, we assess your web business and advise you on how to best improve your business. We offer an advisory-approach to suit your goals and to build a solid foundation:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • How are your key products and services unique?
  • How you can better engage with your customers?

We are trained professionals and our key skills and range of analysis tools help offer you website advice, insights in your current business and a practical plan to execute website improvements. The assessment includes a written report with concrete recommendations on how to improve.

We go above and beyond to help

Not only will we provide a health-check on your existing website, but we also offer advice in two areas to help make a significant impact on your future business:

  1. How to enhance your marketing position and
  2. How to optimise your local business sales channel through Google My Business.

We can also help you to implement these recommendations through regular improvements.

Book a time to have a chat with us. Mention Seeto Digital Website Health-check Introductory Offer.

Value-adding bonuses to improve your digital business:

Introductory Assessment
– Bonus #1:
Introductory Assessment
– Bonus #2:
We help you to determine: Who are your competitors? What are your competitor threats? How can we exploit this information to have a better competitive position on your website? We help leverage ‘Google My Business’ to: Improve local search visibility. Leverage the power of Google. How can we leverage and optimise this tool for your business?

We are passionate about local business and want you to succeed by leveraging digital marketing. Be a step ahead of your competition and engage digital marketing professionals right now to develop and execute your marketing plan. Whether you are a small business or medium-sized business, we are here to help build you the right standard or custom website.

Call me at Seeto Digital for a professional opinion. We have a range of website design and service packages. Reserve a session to position you to improve your sales on the web and ultimately your business health today.

Book a time to have a chat with us. Mention Seeto Digital Website Health-check Introductory Offer.