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Digital Strategy

At Seeto Digital we help you to stay ahead of your competition. Our experience in driving transformations starts with your unique story retold by building your website, and we navigate you through the digital journey by developing your digital strategy

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Website Design & Build

We use effective methods to build a website that gets your results. Your website design forms the foundations for your marketing campaign and profitable business. Digital Experts in Web Development At Seeto Digital, we are experts in web development and

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Digital marketing presence

Web Optimisation Services

We now consider how we can tune the website to improve the performance of this site using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Optimising for performance provides a better user experience and attracts more traffic. Performance can be measured in several ways,

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Building a business online is necessary to survive

Build a unique digital offering to stand out from the crowd and continue to build a successful business.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
47% of people click on one of the first three listings
66% of small businesses say finding new customers is a top concern
42% of small businesses fail because there’s no market for their product or service

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3 Crucial Reasons Why Your Website is the Most Important Marketing Tool for SME Businesses

Small and Medium-sized businesses are pressured by their competitors to perform better. They seek the right strategy to help them to cope and thrive. Having a quality online presence is vital and helps in several key areas that ultimately lead to an improved bottom line.

1. Builds Brand Awareness and Educates

24 x 7 Awareness and Branding Machine Website builds Trust through awareness and education campaign Generate Trust
  • Mode of 24 / 7 operation always on allows continual marketing
  • Prospects attracted to website offerings generating traffic
  • Prospects are educated in rich content
  • Prospects become familiar with the products core offerings

2. Builds New Leads through Interest and Consideration

Platform for Problem Analysis & Resolution Website identifies prospect's pain and lists a solution with related benefits Create New Leads
  • Leads now gain deeper contextual understanding
  • Website identifies lead pain in order to identify product solutioning
  • Website nurtures the lead to help in decision making
  • Website continues building trust and converting new leads

3. Nurtures Quality Leads and Good Customer Experience

Conversions and ongoing referrals Website gains loyalty customers and new advocacy referral cycle Quality Leads, Happy Referrals
  • Allows you to offer great user experience online
  • Website allows customers to access products through a simple platform
  • Website allows for the automation of marketing services
  • Advocacy creates new referrals for a continual cycle of brand awareness

Why You Need A Quality Business Website

Digital Strategy MosmanFew tradesmen, freelancers and small to medium (SME) businesses know that a website is not just a side channel to sell their products and services business – it is a strategic sales tool that if managed well continues to inform, promote and sell to existing and potentially new customers both day and night, 24×7!

In this competitive world, businesses need to spend much of their working day either retaining existing customers or generating new leads, let alone spending time managing their core business operations. What if customers were looking for help in your industry and were not easily able to connect with you? Wouldn’t it be great always to be connected and to lend a helping hand to your existing and any potential customers? We see a big opportunity in developing your business online, and if you are already online, we believe there are commercially astute ways to optimise it for business success.

The truth is that the typical business does not have a website or does not have one that is genuinely optimised that sets itself apart from the competition and may, as a result, lose opportunities right in front of them. A well-constructed website will complement your existing marketing strategies and position your business for improved and continuous top-line growth with minimal ongoing effort.

Presented below are some of the compelling reasons why you need a quality digital business website.

Websites are easily found online

Websites are your online marketing brochure which allows various forms of content to be formatted and searched by any online customer and in any geography through essential search engine tools (Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc…).

Websites are accessed at any time

A business website is accessible every second of the day, so a “closed for the day” sign is a thing of the past. Customers can access information about your products and services on-demand helping them at a time of their need and extending your engagement time in an environment of your control.

Websites springboard into a complete customer engagement journey

Your business website can initiate your marketing strategy by improving brand recognition, scheduling marketing campaigns, supporting customer service queries and building & managing client interaction.

Websites help build a supportive community

New clients often go online to research and find testimonials from previous customers who used similar services to what they need. Happy, existing clients provide positive feedback. Your website can develop a forum that is rich in content from third-party contributors, which enhances your reputation and brand.

Websites are cost-effective

Websites are a digital version of the passive physical brochures and are always on display. This website can be maintained by professional service providers and the technology used to house the sites can be minimal.

Your Competitors already use websites

Your competitors are already using websites for their strategic advantage or will be leveraging it so if you are not able to be first to market, being online should at least be a reason to develop an equivalent if not better quality website, so you have an excellent strategic foundation to build your business.

Additional thoughts

Only a quality website can rank highly by search engines, so creating and developing this should be a fundamental component of any selling strategy for your business. If you don’t have a business website or not happy with your existing online presence, now is the time to take action. You’ll reward yourself later for having done so!!!