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Our experience in driving transformations starts with your unique story retold by building your website, and we navigate you through the digital journey by developing your digital strategy and optimise your marketing efforts. We look to take your website beyond our health check assessment and into a more strategic level.

Technology is changing all around us. It is becoming more embedded in what we do, and technology disruption exists in almost every industry including the Small to Medium sizes businesses, and the breadth and depth of change drive the transformation of entirely new markets with new systems of production, management and governance.

Let us help you with your business strategies. Our typical strategy offerings include:

Digital Business Strategy

A digital business strategy is an information-rich and usually technology-centric version of a traditional business strategy where a plan of action that is enacted to achieve a stated important goal. It incorporates the traditional marketing strategy, which we involve the market mix 6Ps and listed here previous marketing mix post with Molly Malone.

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We take this concept forward and build a relevant plan of action for your needs. Allow us to develop innovative ideas that give you your unique selling point and a personalised digital edge within your market. Develop an individual plan and understand why digital strategy is essential.

  1. Focus on innovation and develop unique ways to market your product or service
  2. Leverage your differentiation and establish your unique selling point
  3. Digitise your marketing and build your marketing campaign
  4. Monitor your results and develop test and learn strategies

Optimise your Digital Technologies

Improve your external persona by focusing on improving existing processes and let technology aid in improving the operational aspects of your business. Several tools can be deployed to streamline your operations, offer ways to reach out to your customers in practical ways and make your customers engage with your business simpler. Opportunities to predict user preferences and queries, as well as technologies that can simulate virtual reality environments, voice recognition and video, can also enhance the user experiences and ultimately convert your offering into new business.

Technology edge

Here are ways that your business can use technology to help your business and help you offer value-added services to your customers:

  1. Ensure a stable and secure infrastructure
  2. Improve alignment between your business objectives and supporting customer technologies
  3. Improved user experience through the use of smart automation technologies that simplify your business
  4. Reduce browsing time for customers when selecting services that they can purchase from you

Professional Advice and Analysis

Engage in a consultancy that has the expertise to guide you through the digital highway and build a sustainable brand that gives you an added advantage. Ensure your web presence addresses the core purpose of your business.

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  1. Who are your most profitable customers?
  2. What service or product represents 80% of your business?
  3. Who are your top competitors?
  4. What key business metrics to focus on to enhance your performance?
  5. How to combat digital disruption in your industry?

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