About Us

Enhanced Digital AdviceWelcome to Seeto Digital, a boutique digital agency in the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

We specialise in the development and implementation of your digital marketing strategies for your business, in particular, the creation and maintenance of your digital website to make you stand out. We cover the major areas of Sydney particularly in the Lower North Shore including Mosman, North Sydney, Crows Nest and St Leonards.

What we do

We build digital assets for SME businesses and provide value-added business services to support your business objectives.

We combine our expertise in digital marketing, technology readiness and business operations advice to create a unique digital offering that positions you at the front end for customers in your industry as well as improving your overall business productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best set of services in building your digital business footprint that takes into account our knowledge of your business, our past experiences and the latest trends in the industry.

We build and optimise your website assets so that it achieves our agreed performance metrics, can be easily searched by your customers increasing viewer traffic, builds on the existing foundations to further your business and increases your business worth.

Our Team

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence

Our team is trained in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, technology readiness and service management which gives you a distinct edge when it comes to developing your website.

Too long have the bigger end of town attained the powerful benefits of the digital world. We look to re-balance the power to local SME businesses who are brave enough to take advantage of what digital technology has to offer. 

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You can trust us to provide you with the latest proven techniques that will give your business that additional boost in traffic or new or return sales. We offer a number of digital website services and which includes ongoing support to keep your business optimised and fit for purpose within the digital domain across your competitive landscape. We can also provide advisory support through any significant changes that you are undertaking or plan to undertake in future. Book in for a consultation where we can explain how we can develop your business further.

Our Relevant Qualifications

We have been building websites since 2017. Since that time, our experience and training have been wide and varied. We have been personally trained by Matt and Liz Raad of eBusiness Institute Australia, and hold qualifications in a broad range of skills.

ebusiness institute webmaster certifications
ebusiness institute digital marketing certifications

Designing and building business websites incorporating: Digital Marketing Strategy, Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation, User Experience, Conversion, Monetisation, Website Security, and Full SEO Audit Process

Kevin, our founder, has added the experience of over 20 years in technology and business advice having worked in the corporate world in Australia, UK and Asia for the top consulting firms such as KPMG, EY and PwC. He has worked on big complex technology-based projects in both strategy and execution and knows how to achieve excellent outcomes. He also knows how to flex the required resource muscle to get bigger jobs in line with timing expectations. His knowledge from the bigger end of town is invaluable and highly relevant to SME businesses that see digital disruption and other challenges around them and wanting the company to stand out from the crowd. Kevin is happy to provide an initial consultation to share how he can help to navigate you through the digital world.