Classic Marketing Fundamentals

traditional markets

When sweet Molly Malone walks through the streets of Dublin in that lilting Irish ballad, it’s clear she knows a thing or two about marketing.

She does her promoting where her customers are, while her unique discriminator is her cockles and mussels are fresh from the sea. Her wheelbarrow adds a touch of authenticity; if you want the real thing come to me.

I don’t suppose Molly will have to do any hard selling. I can imagine the lads queueing up to buy from a fishmonger I don’t doubt was one of the loveliest girls around.

What a marketing package! Notice how she focuses on her customers’ needs, not her own.  If we could be that effective we could call ourselves master marketers! And we could when we touch the right bases in the marketing game.

Molly Malone Statue in the Streets of Dublin (Credit Fan of Birdland BY CC 2.0)

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