5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Power Means More for Your Business

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Analogue marketing in print has become a real pain on Sunday mornings, when we shake the adverts out our papers. And as for messages on hoardings we ignore them because the information never seems to change. Shoving messages at the market regardless of what it wants has become so yesterday it’s surprising the corporates still do it, despite the expense. Read more

Protecting Your Reputation Why Internet Politics Matter

Reputation matters

Your online reputation is a big deal even if you are a small business. As you read this, someone may be voting your products down. Why only the other day we saw a post on a freelancer site offering to pay people to vote on Amazon.

Social media have become the preferred sites for consumers to comment on their experiences. Humans being what we are, we only comment on the exceptional. Few people are going to take the trouble to say nice things about you on your blog.

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How to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

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Here is a guide on how to improve your marketing effectiveness:

1. Share a common vision

While outputs and deliverables are relevant, you need something that captures the hearts and minds of your people and your clients. To have an impact, you need a strong foundation and an integrated approach. A vision enables everyone to understand their role – they know what to do and why they are doing it.

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